About Me

Little-Known Fact:
 Worked with 2 members of Twisted Sister


Blessed to be a Dad and Happily Married...

 ...to a rockstar of classical education


Favorite Drink:

 Rapper KJ-52 said I had a cannon of an arm after I threw t-shirts to a crowd

 National Career Readiness Certificate: Gold status

 Outstanding Performer of the Month: EMF Broadcasting, August 2009

Favorite Teams:
 Yankees, Knicks, Oregon Ducks, Blazers, Rock 'N' Sock Connection

Favorite Quotes:

 "Life is tough, but God is good." - Michael W. Smith

 "Go away, or I'll call the Brute Squad."

      "I'm on the Brute Squad."

 "You are the Brute Squad." - from "The Princess Bride"